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Blossom Acres' You're In Luck

Chocolate-tort junior doe

Sire: Chive Blossom Farm SSR3 (REW)

Dam: Blossom Acres' Luka (blue)

This is a beautiful little doe with an excellent topline and body type and a very nice mane coming in.  She is a little more plain in her head and ears, but excels on other areas.  She is very sweet and holds a pose like a pro.  


Blossom Acres' Henry

Blue-tort junior buck

Sire: Blossom Acres' Robin Hood (chocolate)

Dam: Blossom Acres' Chacha (tort-blue)

Henry is a cute little guy with a stylish head and ears and nice compact type.  He would pair well with a heavier maned doe.  


Blossom Acres' Sassy

Chocolate-tort young senior doe

Sire: Blossom Acres' Flame Dazzler (chocolate-tort)

Dam: Blossom Acres' Cordelia (black-tort)

As her name implies, this doe is a handful.  She poses on her own terms but has smooth, solid type with a crisp mane and short ears.  She was best opposite of breed at the MSRBA show on March 4th.  


Pet Lionheads

REW Junior Buck


Black Young Adult Buck