Rabbit Supplies

There is a wide range of rabbit housing and care options and we have included some links to products below to help you get started!  By purchasing items directly from the links below, we earn a small commission (at no cost to you), so we appreciate your support that helps us generate this content!

Food and Water Containers

Due to their wooly facial furnishings, water bottles work very well for Lionheads to keep them clean and dry.  We recommend bottles with a ball drinking tip such as the bottle below. 

J-feeder style food containers can be mounted to the outside of the hutch allowing for easy refilling and the mesh bottoms are helpful to sift fines out of the pellets.  

Stoneware bowls are also great for feeding as they are not easily tipped over.

If your rabbit sits in its food bowl (or uses it as a litterbox!), one that can be mounted higher on the wall of their enclosure can be an excellent solution.


The most important considerations with indoor housing are:

Solid or wire bottom setups can be used.  With solid bottoms, appropriate bedding should be used on the flooring (recommendations below) to prevent the rabbit from slipping and to help keep the environment dry.  A wire-bottom setup can be ideal for providing a clean, dry environment and a lightweight breed like Lionheads with well-padded feet make them a comfortable and healthy option.    

Exercise pens can be great ways to expand a living area and several pens can even be combined to make the area as large as desired.  Always be sure to anchor these panels down as rabbits can learn to "walk" the pen throughout the house.  These work well for most Lionheads, but should be evaluated on a rabbit-by-rabbit basis if supervision is needed.  

Litterboxes and Bedding

Rabbits are often easily litter trained and tend to prefer corner setups.  They can include a grate which is excellent for keeping them clean and dry. 

Pelleted pine is my go-to bedding for Lionheads as it works well and is inexpensive. 


Pelleted straw is also a good bedding option for rabbits and is fairly clean in the coat of wooled breeds.  

Rabbit Food

For the rabbit's diet, we recommend a quality complete pellet because this is formulated to meet all the rabbit's complex nutritional requirements including vitamins and minerals.  A grass hay can be fed in addition to provide additional long-stem fiber but the pellets are providing the majority of the nutrition.  


Grooming Tools

We recommend a soft-bristle slicker brush for the majority of grooming needs.  For de-shedding the saddle area, this cat de-shedder can be very useful, just take care not to use it in the wooled areas.  Cat nail clippers also work nicely with rabbits.  


Rabbits love hideaways and if a hutch does not have one built-in, hideaways like the ones below work well.  

Sometimes the least expensive items are enjoyed the most by rabbits.  I always recommend a dig box as enrichment for rabbits which can be as simple as a cardboard box with bedding in it.  Organic apple tree branches are another excellent enrichment item.  

For toys, I have found rabbits to especially enjoy stacking cups.  As with anything, always remove any non-edible items if the rabbit begins to excessively chew them.